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{Photo by Triple Max Tons}
Well I just about jumped out of my chair in excitement over this, y'all. I've just discovered Instagram-inspired Photoshop Actions by Daniel Box...and just in time to apply to all those holiday snapshots. Ever since ditching my iPhone for an Android, I've been missing Instagram like woah. So, if you love the look of those ubiquitous Instagram photos and don't have an iPhone, hop to it and download these Photoshop actions pronto!  I snapped that photo above at Lady Bird Lake here in Austin, and applied the actions to the photo so you could see what each style in the action set looks like.

Now, some of you might be murmuring to yourselves, "what the heck is an action?". Well, friends, let me tell you. It's a magical and fast way to post-edit your photos in one fell swoop without having to repeat your steps over and over and over. Here's a tutorial on how to install actions.

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  1. Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. WAAAAAAH~ Thank you for sharing this!! I have been looking everywhere for Photoshop Instagram effects!! ^__^

  3. I just read that Instagram is coming to Android so you won't have to miss it for too long!

  4. Thanks for posting. I think these are really great. Def. going to use some.


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