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Well, lovelies, today I am enjoying day 1 of my weekend trip to San Francisco to visit one of my most special friends. We've been good pals since high school, and it's such a special treat every time I get to see her because, sadly, it isn't that often. Not wanting to leave you hanging while I'm flitting about the Bay area, I've arranged for some of my most fave bloggers to guest post here at Triple Max Tons. Woohoo! Trust, they went above and beyond on the 'awesome' scale, and gosh you are all in for a special treat. First up on the roster is the super talented and always lovely Erika from small shop...

Hello fellow Kirsten fans! It's Erika from small shop bringing you a few fun picks for your gift giving this year. They're bright, they're hip and sure to please.

[ 1 ] "Let's Party" by Jessica Craig Marin on 20x200, $50 (unframed) - Obsessed with this Vogue photographer's contemporary work who believes truth is in the details, the "found moments."
[ 2 ] Aphrodite USB Hub, $46 - Tech greek.
[ 3 ] Pantone The 20th Century in Color book, $40 - A study in color trends and shifts throughout the last century.
[ 4 ] Zebra Crossing Scarf, $25 - A lot of now style for very little later buyer's remorse.
[ 5 ] Madewell Cheetah Socks, $12 - Because you can never have too many fun socks in winter, that no one will ever see.
[ 6 ] Geometric Buffalo Head (also in white), $149 - A humorous modern take on the trophy head.
[ 7 ] La Sardinia Camera in Domino, $69 - It's a Life Aquatic dream come true. Go Team Zissou!
[ 8 ] Anthropologie Fireside Feelings Ornament, $28 - This has to be the prettiest ornament I've seen this season!
[ 9 ] Balance Wu Eraser+ring (more colors available), $5 - For those of us that still write in real-life. (And want to feel nerdier about it.)

Hope you got some inspiration here, and hope you'll come visit me for more! Thanks for having me over Kirsten!

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  1. lovee the scarf! and that bust is just too pretty for USBs

  2. Love the print! Too cool! Enjoy SF :)


  3. that USB hub is genius!
    Just found your blog via Erika's!
    Love it!

  4. Such a chic gift guide...of course! Just found your lovely blog b/c of Erica. Love it. I'm your newest follower! xo

  5. Love the camera! Wes Anderson is my favorite Director ;)
    The ring is so cute, great picks Erika! And nice to meet you Kirsten, came from Erika's blog and I'm following you now ;)

  6. That USB hub is great!! and what a unique ornament! love the colors and pattern!


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