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Dree Hemingway is one of those girl about town/model types that always seem to be effortlessly pulled together. I'd say her signature style is a mix of simple and classic basics (in either a slouchy modern or slim, body con fit) with a hint of laidback glamour. It's refined rock n' roll with a hint of grunge... but you can tell this girl's duds aren't cheap, that is for sure. Her hair - whether it is in its dirty or bleached blonde state - always looks perfectly unperfect. How does she do it?! I love that bedhead look, but my hair usually looks like a rat nest in the AM and requires a major de-snarlification, resulting in a volume deflated 'do that requires a ponytail or bun. Le sigh. Dree also loves to play with proportions, often gravitating towards shorter styles to show off those pin-thin stems (yes, I said that with a tinge of jealousy).

Who is your style icon? What person do you most identify with when it comes to fashion?

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