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ASOS Cut Out Dress* // Rachel Roy Cut Out Studded Top* //  'To Swoon or Kill' Cut Out Dress* // Dansk Heart Cut Out Top* 

I have seen so many people sporting some serious lack of fabric when it comes to their sartorial choices. No, I'm not talking about a typical unsolicited eyeful of thigh or boobage (ok, now I sound like a total creeper)....I'm seeing a flash of rib here and some shoulder there. The culprit? This new cut out clothing trend that is going on. The Breaking Dawn premiere is a perfect example. I personally have a shirt that is similar to that Rachel Roy one that I love to wear, and I wouldn't mind adding that grey dress into the mix. What do you think of this cut out clothing trend? Would you wear it?

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  1. How cute is the pink top with the heart shaped hole, so cute.

  2. Whoaa! New look on the site, I love it!! Simple change, great effect. And you know I love these cut out designs, they remind me of the designer I just discovered- Nomia. Need to stock up on some of her goods.

  3. For some reason, shoulder cut-outs look silly to me, but little triangle at the waist? perfecto!


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