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I am smitten with red hair lately. No, no, no....let me clarify. I have been super keen on some versions of red hair lately. The perfect shade of strawberry blonde, a soft red, and rich auburn. Not "I've just been temporarily blinded" bright red or "Home Depot" orange that, more often than not, comes from a DIY box of horror. Anyways, word has it that the hue looks smashing on natural blondes, so chances are I could pull it off. The upkeep? That's a whole other issue that I'd rather blissfully keep in the 'coat check' of my mind. Shoot...if I wasn't so darn lazy when it comes to getting my hair done (took me 8 months to get a simple cut!), I would 100% embrace the ginge.

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  1. I hear you! I went from almost platinum blonde to a coppery-auburn over a year ago - in an effort to keep professional hair care costs down! I managed to find a box color that looks amazingly natural and coupled with color-depositing shampoo, a good hair sunscreen and lots of hats (good excuse for new ones!), I manage coloring every 4-5 weeks for about $6 with not too much fading. I'd wanted to be a redhead my whole life & figured there was no time like the present!

  2. Totally hear ya. I have a glaze in my hair...you don't even really know when it washes out and just kinda tints your hair to another color. Baby steps?



  3. Where's my photo? Joking!

    Yes, red hair is kind of hard to maintain because it does fade pretty fast, but it is oh so worth it. If you have a good colorist, she or he can find the shade that will fade out in an interesting way: mine gets blonder and I kind of dig it.

  4. It's so amusing to me that men with red hair are "gingers" and it's usually a bad thing, but all women admire other women with pretty red hair!

    Cintia Dicker is beyond stunning!

  5. I'm a naturally blonde myself - medium, kind of golden blonde. A few years ago, I went dark purpley-red for a while, and I loved it! It was so gorgeous and really made my green eyes stand out. I've never gotten so many compliments on my looks in my life, and it was really fun playing with new makeup and colors.

    BUT - I must warn you, the upkeep is difficult. Red fades sooooo much quicker than any other hair color, so I was constantly having to touch up my roots on my own, and then get full color done once a month at the salon. Too expensive! When I finally decided to go back to blonde, it took around 7 hours to finally get it to a non-highlighter yellow color, and my hair was fried. It took a good year (and a pixie cut!) to finally get it healthy again.

    I definitely don't regret going red, I absolutely loved it, so you should try it if you feel you need to get it out of your system. Just be prepared for when you decide to go back to your "roots!"


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