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 This is one of those 'freestyle' salads that I whipped up from whatever was on hand in the fridge...and it was oh-so-tasty. I've dubbed this my "Super Kir" salad because it fills me up and supercharges for the rest of the day. If any of you haven't ever had kale before, it tastes like a slightly bitter version of broccoli and is chock full of vitamins and antioxidants.

How did I make this leafy concoction you may be wondering? Fret not, I will share the "recipe" (if you can ever call it that). First, I washed and dried the kale then put it into a big bowl. I dumped some leftover quinoa into the bowl, grated some asiago cheese, squirted some lemon juice in, and lightly coated the leafs with some olive oil. Gave it a taste test...it was good, but missing something. I went back to the fridge, and found a fresh batch of my mom's AMAZING homemade walnut pesto, and I tossed a big dollop of that into the bowl.  Magic happened. The flavors all came together in perfect harmony, and I happily noshed on my lean and green lunch after I finished its little photo shoot.

Tempted by the blueberry pie sitting on the counter but not wanting to blow my healthy lunch, I then bit into a gloriously juicy peach to appease my insatiable sweet tooth.

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  1. mmm two of my fav foods! Even though the peaches look so good I don't think I could stop myself from eating a piece of pie!

  2. ooo this looks so yummy and refreshing!!


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