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Fire engine red, crimson, scarlet, or poppy....pick your preferred red hue, and run with it. It's a classic and sexy color that never really goes out of style (there is a reason why Louboutains have a red sole!). I actually have very little red in my wardrobe, and - aside from my fave red lipstick - it's a color I don't usually wear. Perhaps that will change this season. Most of my picks featured above are under $100, making them easy on both the eyes and the wallet.

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  1. Love this color and ALL of your picks! That purse is absolutely perfect for fall!

  2. ahhh....I had a pair of red jeans back in the day. They were amazing. Now if I could only wear them now with those red mocs...that would be a great day.

  3. i want those red pants! love urban. need to go now.

  4. does number 5 have really skinny feet or is it just me that notices things like that?

  5. I like that 5 strand bead necklace from Nordstrom.

  6. You know I am all about this trend- everything I have been buying lately has been red!! Dresses, tanks, pants, can't get enough!


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