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Today is a day of rememberance. Remebering those whose innocent lives were taken out of hatred and horror, those who courageously fought to help those in need, and those who continue to fight for our freedom and country. No matter how horrible the economy is or what drama there may be in our lives, today is a day that puts it all into perspective. Each moment that passes us by is a blessing, and the time we have here on Earth ought to be cherished. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by 9/11. God bless.

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  1. it's not about 11 sep. every day is a remembering day to people killed with no reason all over the world. in Palestine, Iraq, Syria or any other place in the planet Earth!!

  2. Hi Arwa. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Terrible tragedies happen each day, and taking the time to reflect, remember, and do what we can to help that situation is very important. However, when a nation is attacked in such a violent and malicious manner without any forewarning, I can't help but disagree with you. It is about 9/11. Because of that day, family friends died, my cousins have done 5 military tours abroad, and our nation is forever changed. In my opinion, 9/11 is not just another day...it is a day to remember and honor the deceased, the survivors, and our country. Of course, the meaning of the day is not exclusive to just 9/11. You can take the time to memorialize anyone, any time of the year, from anywhere in the world, but 9/11 is a very special circumstance.


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