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{photos I took at a flower shop in harvard square}
I have been doing a massive reorganization of all the photos on my computer (it's a hot mess, I tell ya), and it's been so much fun rediscovering all these memories. The naming and filing of these memories? Not so much fun. Anyways, my point in telling you this is because I need to beckon the wisdom of the blogosphere my way...I have retitled a lot of folders by date and month (2011.7_title or 2007.2_title, for example), and it's getting a little hard to find the photos (I always forget what year things happened in!) but it's great to see what I did each month. I am not 100% sure I am digging this filing system yet. How do you organize your photos???

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  1. lightroom 3 its my favorite. . .

  2. wow these just make me want to dive right into beauty.

  3. I don' the short answer. It's gonna leave me really frustrated at some point, I know it.


  4. Beautiful beautiful pictures, looking at them makes me smile, amazing

  5. I keep them all in folders divided in to years and then I have events in those folders. I went through mine once and deleted over 2,000 pics and rearranged them...biggest project ever!


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