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The ponytail. A summer stand-by. Well...more like a 365, 24/7 stand-by in my case. It's so simple, yet manages to look perfectly chic when worn polished or scruffy. I am especially liking a tiny braid casually thrown into the's a little bit "yes, I slept in this last night" mixed with some "...and it still looks hot." easy hairdo that has a certain je ne sais quois

What are my top three tips for a perfect rough-and-tumbled ponytail?
1. If you can, forgo squeaky clean strands in favor of slightly dirty hair - the texture holds the 'do much better. Sop up the grease-balls with some dry shampoo. Blast hair with a blow drier for a few seconds to get some volume if needed.
2. Don't place the hair tie too close to your head. That technique works great if a sleek ponytail is what you are after. Instead, place the tie a little below when you want it to be, then pull upward/towards your head. 
3. Pull some strands out of the front...little wisps framing your face add softness. Plus, it just looks better that way.

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  1. Thanks for the advice! :) the photos are very well shot ^^

  2. Love it with the braid in it. Looks so cool!


  3. perfect hair styling...

  4. today was day 3 of no washing....shhhhh! don't tell Sean ; ) but it sure does make for a great ponytail, lots of extra texture, well i guess that'd be matted grease. oh well, whatever works right?! these are gorgeous examples of the look. i die for beautiful blonde ponies like yours and these. ♥


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