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Where in the world was TMT this past weekend? NYC, dear readers! I must apologize for the momentary disappearance...the trip was planned on the fly, and a mere 12 hours after suggesting this weekend is the one to visit the city, we were stepping off the train into Grand Central Station! The hubby and I had the most amazing time there. We stayed at On The Ave hotel on the Upper West Side, which I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a nice and decently priced room (for NYC) in a conveniently located neighborhood.

We hit up a J.Crew sample sale, where the hubs got some shirts and gorgeous leather dress shoes for a mere $60! We then wandered down through the farmer's market at Union Square, ate tasty gyros and fresh lemonade from a street vendor in Washington Square, and spent a long time perusing all the shops on Broadway in SoHo (ABC Carpet, Muji, and Pearl River were some of my faves. Topshop, surprisingly, was a rather hellish experience.)  The following day, we met up with the always lovely Mariah from Quite Continental in the Meatpacking District…..after we filled our bellies with guac and fish tacos, we walked the Highline and hung out on the waterfront.

Now for my fave part of the trip – the food! I can safely say that we ate our way through the city, from uptown to downtown. Here are some of my fave restaurants and cafes and the food we noshed on.
Momoya: I honestly couldn't have asked for a better sushi dinner. We started off the meal with the sweet miso cod - it is cooked to perfection, and melts in your mouth. We then ordered the crunchy salmon roll (good, but would skip it next time), the Greenwich roll (yum!), and the fresh spring sushi roll (aaaaaaaahhhhmazing). Topped it off with the chocolate cake with shiso sauce and green tea ice cream. My tastebuds might have exploded...that is how good it was.
Buddakan: The edamame dumplings here are seriously to die for. I could eat these for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. We also got a BoBo platter, which is a sampling of a few different appetizers. We split a pork entrée, which was tasty, but plan to try the lamb dish next time. The lady next to us kept on rolling her eyes back in ecstasy every time she took a bite of her dinner….definitely a weird reaction, but I’ll have what she’s having.
La Cremeria: This Little Italy gelato shop is fantastic…I got the pistachio gelato, and would highly recommend it. The shopkeeper, who had literally just come to America that month,  kept teasing me about how to pronounce the PEES-TAK-E-O gelato I ordered….tsk tsk, I should’ve known better in Little Italy. ;)
Bouchon Bakery: The macarons. A selection of heavenly macarons in 6 scrumptious flavors. Need I say more?

So those were some of the main highlights during our 5 day stay in the Big Apple…what are some of YOUR fave spots in the city? Any places you just can't leave NYC without visiting?

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  1. that food! I'm drooling! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip

  2. New York City! How exciting, I've never visited. The food looks delicious and the pictures are amazing! Sweet deals on the clothes too :]


    -The BF Mashup

  3. Awwww looks like you had an amazing time! I've flown back to London now but am missing summer in the city for sure :)

    Highlights for me this visit home in NYC: Ace Hotel Bar, McQueen at the Met and Ofrenda Mexican Restaurant. All up on my blog if you want to have a sneaky peek!



  4. Aww girl all these photos are super cute! I love the photo diary. Looks like you had a fun time in the big city! I can't wait to make my way over there again soon!!


  5. Oh wow, seems like you had an amazing time! Those edameme dumplings make me curious, though -- wish I could get them here in Manila. XD

  6. I love visiting new york, i've been craving another trip over there lately! Your pictures are cute :)


  7. NY NY! of course, the food got me :) my mouths watering at the moment. You're layouting style is so awesome. These are amazing pics! If you get a chance check out my blog @


  8. We sure did stuff ourselves silly. Had such a fun time with you and hubby, looking forward to our next visit - wherever it might be!

    xoxo. Mariah


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