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Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Goldfish Kiss, a super rad blog created by my pal Rebekah (aka Superbek). She is an all-around creative genius lucky enough to call Hawaii home, so naturally she is a bona fied beach guru when it comes to looking and feeling your best in the warm summer months. When I asked her to guest blog and she came back to me with the amazing idea of watermelon toes, I literally squealed with delight. Yes...squealed. Without further ado, here are her steps to this good-enough-to-eat DIY pedicure.

Watermelon. I love it so much I could eat it every day of the summer. Yet I have never been in a watermelon eating contest. If it happens one day, I will win. Anyways, I was thrilled to find a quick and easy way to bring this summertime staple to my toes which were in dire need of some cuteness. If i might say so myself, they turned out rather adorable (without being over the top). Plus, I have received not one, but four compliments from ladies in the past 48 hours, shocked that this was done at home (one of which was a lady next to me in yoga class so she had 90 minutes to get acquainted with my toes) I had to share.

Easy DIY Watermelon Pedicure

homemade dotting tool 
green, pink, & black nail polish
white nail art brush or pen (Milani & Sally Hansen both make them  - available at the drugstore)

1. Paint your toes with base coat
2. Apply 2 coats of a good watermelon-y pink color
3. Paint the tips of your toenails green with 1 to 2 coats - depending on how opaque your polish is ( tip: put a piece of paper under each toe as you paint so your skin doesn't get painted)
4. With your white nail art pen or brush, paint a thin line that goes where the pink and green meet.
5. Voila! you now have seedless watermelon toes. But that's no fun, we need seeds.
6. Using your dotting tool and black polish, place as many seeds as you'd like on each toe.
7. Let dry and cover with topcoat.
8. Enjoy the compliments, and painting the exact same toes for any jealous nieces, daughters, grand kids, or kids you nanny.

A BIG merci beaucoup to Kirsten for having me be a guest blogger on Triple Max Tons...enjoy!

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  1. looks so cute! i am soo impressed- i wouldnt have the patience!

  2. Cutie patooties.


  3. So, so adorable! Def going to try this one out on my toesies!!


  4. I´m so so happy that I found your blog. it´s great inspiration. followin you!!!

    - Dani

  5. these are sooo fun- come on summer!

  6. haha that's a great ideia. maybe one of these days i'll do it ;)

  7. I love this!! Watermelons are such a great idea! Bring on the summer!


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