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I recently picked up the pencil again in an effort to get back to my drawing (well, more like doodling)'s a shame I let my hand get so rusty. These lovely fashion illustrations from artist Leigh Viner caught my eye for plenty of reasons - interesting compositions, awesome mixture of mediums,  excellent technique to name a few! - and are definitely getting filed in my inspiration folder. What's your creative outlet?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a (fast approaching) happy Monday! xo

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  1. These are gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  2. very 70's

  3. Wow these are amazing! See you around at the

  4. Kir, these are so beautiful! i absolutely love them all, thanks for sharing. good for you on picking up your artistic passion again, we all get rusty but i have no doubt you'll be a well oiled machine soon. do share your stuff okay?

    for me it's blogging, it has brought out my creative spark and allowed me to spend more time in Adobe goodness. can't get enough! ♥


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