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 Glasses: Warby Parker // Cardigan: H&M // Tank: Martin & Osa // Pants: J.Crew // Shoes: Miss Sixty // Purse: Elliott Lucca

Today's style post is a small celebration of silly sorts because...
1. My much awaited and anticipated new glasses came 2 days ago, and I LOVE them....woohoo! For anyone out there looking for some cheap and chic specs, I highly recommend Warby Parker. I am wearing the Huxley style, and am feeling all sorts of nerdtastic when I have them on. 

2. Call the President, alert the press! I actually put on HEELS today for no apparent reason! Granted I didn't quite pull the "Yes, I am a real grown-up" look off since my shirt is all wrinkly and looks like hell, but steps.

3. I curled my hair today without enduring 3rd degree burns all over my ears, cheeks, and fingers. YES! I also think I blew through an entire can of hairspray to try and get the waves to stay put. For some reason (more on that in the next point), it didn't hold that well...and now a few pieces of my hair look like they could be on the menu at KFC (crunchy and crispy fried hair....tastes just like chicken). Ewww. Perhaps Elnett hairspray for next time?

4. I am thinking the 'do didn't hold that well is because it was actually a gorgeous, warm, and slightly humid day in Boston!!! FINALLY! All the magnolia trees are in bloom, and the city is transforming into such a beautiful place. I'm thinking a picnic in the Commons is much overdue.

Have a happy Wednesday, dear readers!

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  1. You great! The cardigan is beyond lovely.

  2. today was so beautiful!!! FINALLY we get some nice weather in our corner of the world :)
    i adore your outfit!!

  3. The Huxleys look awesome on you! Can't wait to get my own Warby Parkers this summer. And if that's where you live in Boston, I'm supremely jealous. If I ever move back to the states, Boston's where it's at!

  4. I may snatch those chic glasses off you!! They are nerdtastic and chic at the same time! PS, you going to Stevan Alan at the Tannery?! We must rendez vous there again though romour has it they may stock the bar with something other than Naraghanset.....will we live?

  5. You look amazing! the whole outfit is so chic - love your blog btw, followed you ! :)

  6. cute glasses, cute pics! yes- some quality time outside is much needed! spring is coming :)

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  8. I love this outfit. Very chic and laid back, which is how I like to dress most of the time. I am a cardigan junkie so of course I would love this look. Great post!

    Visit and Live Your Fashion @ Viva La Qbee03

  9. I think the glasses look great, and the photos very unique!

  10. I love this outfit.

    kisses, bia.


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