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I am always looking for easy ways to wear my hair since I am super lazy when it comes to taming the thick but very fine mop on my head, and I saw a loose and textured fishtail braid while perusing for yesterday's style inspiration post. I was instantly smitten with this gorgeous plaited 'do, and plan on this being one of my go to styles this summer (PS fishtail heidi braids!? LOVE!). I might need to grow my locks out a bit longer to get the best effect, so if you see a crazy lady raiding the Jell-o aisle in hopes of stimulating 6 inches of growth in just a few weeks....please don't run away, and consider yourself forewarned if there is a serious shortage in your local grocery shop because of me. So now on to the how-to....I turned to YouTube because I figured if I attempted to explain how to criss-cross the four pieces of hair, you would end up looking like a hot mess. Low and behold, I found a vid by Free People showing you how they got the exact look. Yippeee!

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  1. that's so cool. I keep seeing pretty hair I can't do until mine grows a little more

  2. Thank you for this, my hair is pretty long but I've always been terrible at doing my hair so maybe this can be my look now. Also, prenatal vitamins will make your hair grow like crazy!

    x M.

  3. Ooh, inspired! Don't be alarmed if you see this on me!



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