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{Photo Credit:  Fred Meylan}
Erin never ceases to amaze me....every photo she poses for I am instantly smitten with. The styling, the tats, the hair, the attitude...everything in this Zadig & Voltaire campaign is so spot on. That's not even mentioning the fab clothes this European shop stocks.  Love it. 
Now to the question that begs to be answered: would I get a tattoo? Perhaps. Haven't found that one thing that I want permanently etched into my body though. If I did, it would be something like a feather or geometric pattern. Where? On my foot, behind my ear, or on the back of my neck. It'd be like a little surprise each time I put my hair up in a little top knot. Do any of you have tats? 
Happy Saturday, peeps!

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  1. how about no where...

  2. i am loving her perfect nostril flare in that 1st photo ; )

    for reals though, these are beauty! and adore her tattoos total. i have 3 and have been saving up for a rather large one i've had several meetings with the artist about. can't wait to have enough to get it done. i like your placement ideas, subtle and feminine spots lades. xo ♥

  3. I have a total girl crush on Erin Wasson.


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