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A few days ago, I mentioned that you will be seeing some blogger friends guest posting here on TMT to share their inquisitive eye for style and all things good with you every once in a while. Well, my faboosh readers, I have yet another column that I want to regularly start posting called the "Dressing Room," in which I will find rad interiors and fashion them into cool outfits.  I did my first one a while back, and had a grand ol' time pulling outfit inspiration from such an amazing interior. So without further ado, here is the "Dressing Room" feature #2.

This room is just so cool without being in your face - not a whole lot in there, which I like (def NOT a fan of clutter...but you can't really tell that looking at my apt right now. Le sighhh). I LOVE the texture of the flokati rugs, and that translated nicely into a mongolian fur vest (or should I say gilet?). My eyes were then drawn to the warm and rich floors, which reminded me of a nice buttery leather...shazam, there you have your boot. Wanting to pick up the detail in the wide plank floors, I chose a nice sliced up leather cuff to play with the lines. A coral pillow is a perfect pop of color in an otherwise neutral room, so I threw in a loose-fitting and semi-sheer top for some sass. The triangle necklace is directly influenced by the table pictured on the left side of the photo...and FYI, I have a weird sudden obsession with that necklace and really want it. ;) Layer with a cardi, throw on a pair of perfectly neutral pants, and sweep on blushy pink  eyeshadow....taaaaaaa daaaaaaa, we just tried on a space and are lookin' pretty hot if I must say so.

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