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Hah, and here you were thinking I was probably going to do some romantical post about my hubby and how great he has been treating me since I smashed my tailbone into the icy ground. Nope. Since I have been hobbling around like a crotchety old lady and living the horizontal life on the couch, my fantasies of one day owning this blue velvet sofa from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are getting more intense by the minute. I have been lusting after this for a while, and now I am just being downright sinful. It's my version of decor porn. I love the sofa we have now, and this would look splendiferous in our current set up too...would it be weird if I just had a room full of awesome couches? ;)

Plus, it will look killer with our enormous elephant  print we just got framed. And these throw pillows would look ultra snazzy with it. It will also provide just the right amount of contrast with the white painted floors I am going to have one day. Ooooh a gal can dream.

Aaaaaand just because you really do deserve it, John....thank you for taking care of me. You are the best hubby I could ever ask for. :) I love you. Thanks to The G's as well for taking such good care of me!

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