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Love her...she's got such laid-back, effortless style. After watching this, I am now inspired to go pack for my trip to NYC to celebrate my dear opposite twinnie's upcoming wedding! 


Also, mom - if you are reading this, which I am 99.9% sure you are - stop reading here. I am a little obsessed with Freja's tattoos, and really dig the wrist one she is sporting. Also loving the one behind Proenza Schouler designer Lazaro Hernandez's ear. Ahh if only I could muster up the guts to get one....any of you rocking a tattoo?
Image via Jak & Jil

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  1. I've considered getting one for years, Kir.
    In fact, many years ago, I got Abbi to agree to pay for me to get one after I won my first starting match while we were at UNC. (I had it all planned out too -- it was going to be on my right shoulder.) Well, I did that (won the match), but that Abbi backed out on the deal. And since then I've just never got around to getting one. In retrospect, I think I'm glad she did back out, though. I was disappointed at the time, but now I'm glad that I'm ink-free. But I go back-and-forth on it. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll wake up, walk out the door, and go get some sleeves.

  2. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

  3. noooooooo don't do it!!! Think of the long term!!!!! (or maybe my response makes you want to do it now....should I use reverse psychology, sis?


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