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It's official - I have a total girl crush on Abbey Lee.  Every campaign or editorial she is in, I adore. Everything this girl wears, I gush over. Abbey is a master of proportions - the long maxis in the slinky jerseys and chiffon, the fluffy fur coats, strong shouldered blazers, and funky sunglasses that perfectly compliment her piercing blue peepers. I especially love her hair.....the thick bang looks fab on her (I am thinking it's time I make the cut again!), and she pulls off the dirty blonde and pretty platinum really well. She's just effortlessly cool...must be something in that Aussie water, because there is a hell of a lot of chic coming from down under these days.

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  1. loving your picks. i have adored shearling for years, i'm excited to see more of it around.

    Vogue Gone Rogue


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