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Spent countless hours making marbled paper as a kid - still looks just as fun and chic as I remember. Huge thanks to Grace at Design*Sponge and Erica at PS...I Made This for this killer tutorial on how to make a grown-up version of this childhood fave. Seriously, covering lamps in the stuff? GENIUS! Read on for instruction...

Materials Needed for Marbling Paper

Materials Needed for Creating a Lampshade
  • paper lampshade
  • marbled paper
  • hot glue
  • clothespins

Project Instructions for Marbling Paper

  1. In mixing bowl, whisk methylcellulose with water. Let it sit for an hour, whisking every 15 minutes.
  2. Pour an inch of the methylcellulose and water mixture into a shallow container (We used a baking tray)
  3. If the mixture develops bubbles, float strips of newspaper on the mixture, pat the newspaper lightly and from one corner, peel the newspaper off the mixture – the bubbles should disappear.
  4. Thin your acrylic paint with water.
  5. Using a paint brush, sprinkle dots of thinned paint on the methylcellulose mixture in the shallow container.
  6. Using toothpicks, cardboard and masking tape, make a comb.
  7. Use this comb and/or a bamboo skewer to swirl the paint and create patterns.
  8. Float the 100% cotton paper on the swirled paint. Lightly pat the paper to make sure that all the paper is touching the paint.
  9. Lifting from one corner, peel the paper from the paint mixture and float the paper, paint side up in a second baking tray filled with an inch of water.
  10. Pour a cup of water over the paint to rinse it.
  11. Remove the marbled paper from the water and shake it lightly to remove excess water.
  12. Hang the paper to dry on a clothesline or lay it flat.
Project Instructions for Marbled Paper Lampshade
  1. Measure lampshade and trim paper to fit.
  2. Pipe hot glue around the top and bottom of your lampshade.
  3. Wrap the paper around the existing lampshape.
  4. Clip with clothespin until the hot glue has dried.

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  1. ok - do you realize my favorite gift from John was a handmade book he made for me - marbled. I still own it and will show it to you.


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