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{Photo on left via Martha Stewart}
All my singles ladies, all my single ladies, put your hands up! Uh oh oooohhhh uh uh oh oh! Haha sorry, I couldn't resist....still love that Beyonce song. Anyways, now onto the DIY goods. Back when I was doing all the wedding planning and prep, I came across this easy game to get people to mingling on Martha Stewart. I took the liberty of pre-filling the empty spaces with famous couples and posting them here just for you, my darling readers. Now go call up all your hot single friends, and invite them over for a partayyy!

How To Meet Your Perfect Pair:
1. Click the image you want to print below (it will open in a new window), click it one more time to bring it to full size, and save it to your desktop.
2. Print out however many strips or pages you need.  
Note 1: Don't print out more strips than there are guests - you want empty cups at the end of this so each person has someone to seek out!
Note 2: Remember there are two people per strip, so 20 guests calls for 10 strips.
2. Use the crop marks the cut out the strips, then just snip them in the middle of the heart.
3. Put all the men in the famous couples in one cup, the ladies in the other.
4. When everyone gets to the party, have your guests pick one.
5. Have fun chatting it up!

PS Feel free to repost this DIY project on your blogs...all I ask for is a credit and link back to the original post! :)

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