7:36 PM anyone out there? Or am I talking to a room full of crickets? After my year-long disappearing act, I'm not even sure any of you are even still reading this dusty little blog. Either way, I miss blogging like woah. Sharing snippets of life and travels, the content creation process, having a legit reason to tote around and play with my camera, and most definitely the awesome community and collaboration with other creatives.

So, with that said, Triple Max Tons is rising from the ashes. I've spruced up the template to give it a fresher feel (pardon the's a work in progress still, and holler at me if you notice anything weird or not working!). I'm working up some new features concepts. And, I'm keeping it real and not shooting for an ambitious posting schedule right off the bat because eeeeasy does it. I do plan to check in from time to time when I feel like I've got something exciting or fun to share, which will hopefully be a few times a week. I just don't want to post just for postings sake, you know? Nobody's RSS feed needs more fluff.

So, if you plan to stick around, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so glad you're coming along for the ride. I hope you enjoy the little snippets of life, style, beauty, home, and - of course - baby updates that I'll be sharing in this little corner of the Internet.

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  1. YES YES!! I am here reading and was hoping you're coming back already :) Yeah to the good times ahead!!
    Can't wait to read more and thumbs up to the new template! Excuse me while I am fan-girling over here, haha

    Happy Sunday! xo


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